Bustling Bangkok

Bangkok Bangkok is a bustling city that stretches on for miles with over 9.5 million wonderful people filling it.  We love this city and always seem to find some new part of it to explore.  Tuk-Tuks are generally the fastest way to get around the city since they can easily weave between the traffic and... Continue Reading →

Magnificent Northern Italy

We don’t know what it is with Italy, but it’s one of our favorite countries in the world. Perhaps it’s the food, culture, history, and everything else that Italy offers.  Or is it the insanely beautiful coastline, the vineyard filled countryside and the opulent shopping streets. Our first time to Italy was 3 years ago... Continue Reading →

Road- Trip Through Spain

Spain has always been on our bucket-list, especially mine (Liana), so we knew Spain would be a stop on our tour from the get-go. After reading some blogs and reviews we decided we would rent a car and road-trip through the country since we wanted to see the large cities and the small towns.  We... Continue Reading →

Satisfied in Hungary

Budapest The people of Hungary are welcoming and kind, and the city of Budapest is beautiful!  It is bustling with families, students and tourists all year round.  We didn’t come to Budapest because it was on a bucket-list for us but simply because it was a convenient place to stop for a week on our... Continue Reading →

Slovenia: Europe’s Hidden Gem

Slovenia You might be thinking WHY Slovenia and WHERE is Slovenia! Slovenia is usually a pit stop on a road trip for people that are traveling to Croatia. We were going to do the same thing until we did some research and decided to go there for a longer period than just a stopover. We... Continue Reading →

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