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As we travel we find some of the coolest products around the world!  We have decided to share our favorite finds with you!  We are buying them direct from markets or the people making them at fair trade prices that are good for the community, and also at a price that is inexpensive to you!  We really hope you love our finds.


We are hand picking every single product we are shipping out. We visit dozens of shops and only work with best of the best.  Of the very best, we go through their stock to select the products that are the BEST QUALITY and have the BEST AESTHETIC.  The deal is that we are buying in SMALL quantities so the supplies are very limited; once they are gone they are gone.  Come back to check out this page regularly as we will be updating it often!

– Straw Clutch

This has been one of my favorite finds and one that I am so excited to share with you!  It is a cute hand made straw clutch, with a cotton liner and pocket on the inside, and a magnetic button clasp.  I have personally gone through and selected the best quality  pieces.

Price: $35.00
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– Straw Tote Handbag

This is a handmade soft straw handbag with rigid handles.  It has a cotton lining on the inside.  The bag is great and holds its shape whether it is empty or full. Locally made in Vietnam.  I have gone through dozens of vendors and only picked the best ones to pass on to you.

Size: 11″ Length x 8″ Height x 3″ thick

Price: $35.00
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-Bamboo Half-Moon Handbag

I absolutely love this handbag but was only able to get my hand on a small amount of them!  They are hand made out of bamboo and very durable.  I have checked each handbag very closely and selected only the perfect ones to pass on to you.

Size 11″ Length x 9″ Height x 3″ thick

Price: $80.00
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-Circle Rattan Bag

This cute bag is perfect for spring and summer!  Hand woven out of super strong rattan straw its a very durable accessory.  I’ve gone through and hand picked every single one to make sure the ones we ship are perfect!  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Size:8″ Tall x 3″ Thick

Price: $40.00
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