About the Travelers

Okay, so we had a crazy dream of traveling the world that we talked about when we just got married, but it was just one of those things you talk about that seem impossible.  You wish you could do it but with life, and work, and family, and everything else that keeps us busy it’s more of a far fetched dream then an actual goal.  Well, obviously we are traveling so and living our dream, so what happened and who are we?!

We are Alex and Liana Borishkevich.  We both have our bachelor degrees and both worked in great careers.  We had a beautiful house which we remodeled from top to bottom and a few cars.   But when the opportunity in life came up that was “now or never” we took the leap and sold everything to set out on this epic adventure!  I am rewriting this (about us page) 10 months into full time traveling and I can tell you it’s one of the greatest and most fun things we have ever done!

Alex is a risk taker and not afraid to work in order to reach a goal and is the dreamer of the two. He’s also probably the best negotiator I’ve (Liana) ever met. Making traveling that much easier since there is a lot of “negotiating” when dealing with this industry.

Liana is also a bit of a risk taker but a little more reserved.  She is also the brainiac of the two of us, so she does all the research before we reach a country so that we know what the best place to stay is and where we should visit. I guess you can say we compliment each other pretty well.

We sold all of our possessions besides what could fit in a 5’x5′ storage unit and are living out our biggest dream.  Haven’t looked back since.


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