Road Trip from Sydney to Melbourne

January 2018 The road to Melbourne We did a road trip form Sydney to Melbourne making lots of stops along the way.  Australian coast was a lot different than we expected.  We expected to see a desert like landscape but instead we saw rolling hills, crops and livestock for about 1,200 miles all the way... Continue Reading →

8 Must Visit Places in Sydney

Sydney Sydney, Australia was a lot cooler than we expected.  This city has a lot to do and plenty to explore, from the epic Opera House to the beautiful beaches just a 20 min drive away.  Be sure to take a day or two to simply wander downtown, check out the malls and we also... Continue Reading →

Bustling Bangkok

Bangkok Bangkok is a bustling city that stretches on for miles with over 9.5 million wonderful people filling it.  We love this city and always seem to find some new part of it to explore.  Tuk-Tuks are generally the fastest way to get around the city since they can easily weave between the traffic and... Continue Reading →

Magnificent Northern Italy

We don’t know what it is with Italy, but it’s one of our favorite countries in the world. Perhaps it’s the food, culture, history, and everything else that Italy offers.  Or is it the insanely beautiful coastline, the vineyard filled countryside and the opulent shopping streets. Our first time to Italy was 3 years ago... Continue Reading →

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