The New Ukraine

Ukraine We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we reached Kiev.  I (Alex) was born in Ukraine so I was excited to be there but our expectations were not very high.  We knew that there was a revolution that took place here a few years back and weren’t sure how receptive the people were to... Continue Reading →

Switzerland and it’s Beautiful Alps

Switzerland There are three things that immediately jump out at you when you get to Switzerland; 1) This country is clean, so clean you could eat off the street.  2) This country is BEAUTIFUL, from the mountains to the valleys you are surrounded by incredible beauty! 3) And It’s expensive!  For instance, a glass of... Continue Reading →

Blown Away by the Big Apple

We weren’t planning on going to New York. We were going to spend a couple months in the Caribbean and then head to Europe for the summer. After spending 3 weeks in St. Thomas/ St. John, we were ready to start exploring the rest of the world! In order for us to get to Europe,... Continue Reading →

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